Three Ways To Keep A Home Organized And Ready For Guests

One of the biggest challenges facing stay at home moms is keeping their family organized and their house in tip-top shape at all times. Even with regular cleaning, clutter will quickly add up and make it nearly impossible for a family to find things when needed. With the right attitude and a few helpful tips, it is possible to organize a home and develop a system to keep things in order, so they are always ready for guests at a moments notice.

Clear It Out

It is often overwhelming to organize a home, especially after the amount of clutter has grown to an astronomical level. The best way to get started and find motivation is to clear out the various dressers, closets and storage containers inside a home. Either throwing away or donating any unused items will create additional room and make it easier to store any items that a family may wish to keep.

Involve the Family

An organization project is not a one-person task, and involving everyone in the family not only makes it a fun activity but dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort needed to gain control of clutter. Some parents find that turning it into a game will help pique the interest of children and show them the benefits of remaining organized. Other tactics involve using a timer to keep everyone on task and setting a limit on the number of items each member of a household may keep.

Dedicated Time

Once a home is organized and clean, the hard part is done. The best way to retain the organization is to set dedicated time for regular tidying sessions that involve the entire family. Many people find that setting aside 20 minutes every other day is adequate to keep a house free of excess clutter and will help a family keep items stored safely and in an accessible place.

With a little planning and the right mindset, it is possible to de-clutter a home and keep it organized. Check out for more tips on organization and how to manage a household with grace and flair. A few tips will make all the difference and allow any mom to master their domain.